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MetrO-encoded description of Hampton Roads Transit routes

MetrO is a free, very popular, public transport guide that is available as a web- or PDA-based application.  Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) is my region'spublic transit provider.  MetrO's developers build their binary databases on the basis of text data submitted by end-users.  The text data for HRT that I most recently submitted to MetrO's authors is provided here:

End-users don't need this file because the MetrO application already includes the binary database.  My intention is to update (and resubmit) this text data according to notices published by HRT.  If I should drop the ball, however, someone else can take up the cause using the above download as a starting point.

Proposed EMS Staffing Agreement for Virginia Beach volunteer rescue squads

The link to the document itself is provided below.  Please read this brief explanatory section first.

This product is a contract, developed in conjunction with a volunteer rescue squad and a corporate law firm, that any Virginia Beach volunteer rescue squad corporation and any private EMS contractor could enter into, that would provide supplemental EMS staffing on an ad-hoc basis, control of which would remain in the hands of the volunteer rescue squad corporation.

The proposal describes an arrangement very similar to that used by several very successful volunteer rescue squads for many years in other areas, to wit:

The proposal improves upon the above sample arrangements by outsourcing overhead elements such as payroll, taxation, workmen's compensation, etc, to the private EMS contractor, who would already have the necessary infrastructure in place. Volunteer rescue squad corporations who have not previously utilized supplemental paid staffing typically do not have such overhead infrastructure in place, nor are they interested in creating such an infrastructure.

The proposal "scales" well -- that is, it can be used on a very small scale (one crew for a few hours) or a very large scale (multiple crews for years at a time).  Whatever is done via the contract can also be undone because, again, control over the arrangement remains in the hands of the volunteer rescue squad corporation.

Uses for this agreement:

  • To alleviate acute or chronic shortages in volunteer manpower during specified time periods.  Such shortages may be the result of:

    • Economic climate changes
    • Social climate changes
    • War
    • Et cetera

  • To alleviate acute or chronic increases in service demand.  Such increases may be the result of:

    • Demographic trends (ie, "Baby Boomer" effects)
    • Epidemiological events (epidemics, pandemics, etc)
    • Health or hospital system configurations
    • Planned special events or attractions (Summer Olympics, World Trade Organization meetings, etc)

The proposal does not address the issue of cost recovery.

View the proposed EMS Staffing Agreement

VA EMS Continuing Education Tracker for Palm/HandyShopper

Palm OS users who use the popular HandyShopper application can use this database to track their progress towards recertification, in accordance with the requirements of the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services.

Repository access:

Module: app-data/HandyShopper/va-ems-ce
Password: Null -- just press ENTER.

Email meto arrange for developer access.


This is a Palm OS application to allow EMS personnel to collect case summary information, such as VaBeachEMS requires from its zone car providers.  It does not collect the full set of data elements required by Virginia for PPDRs.

This is alpha software only (not ready for prime time) and I can not yet provide technical support for it.  I welcome your messages regarding this product, but I probably will not reply to bug reports.

I created the application with PDA Toolbox, which is a rapid application development tool.  You can get the binary as well as the PDA Toolbox intermediate code (there is no real source code, per se) by anonymous (pserver) CVS as follows:

Module: ServiceRendered
Password: Null -- just press ENTER.
Again, just email me to arrange for developer access.

FastCGI Ada 95 binding

Occassionally, someone will ask me about my effort to develop an Ada 95 binding for FastCGI.  You can get the binding (such as it is) by anonymous (pserver) CVS as follows:

Module: developer/KevinAnLipscomb/mark-1/fastcgi
Password: Null -- just press ENTER.

I'd be happy to arrange for you to have developer access -- just email me.

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