Kevin Andrew Lipscomb

Instant messaging/chat addresses

Already use IM/Chat?  Skip the write-up and get my Contact Name!

With instant messaging software (also known as IM or chat software), you might be able to converse with me in real time while I'm sitting at my computer.

Download Trillian!

The software that I use (and recommend) is called Trillian.  It is a free program that allows me to manage all of my IM connections concurrently.  If you download and install Trillian, you can skip downloading any other IM software.

Once you install Trillian, its Connection Manager will guide you through the process of setting up connections to the media shown in the table below.  You need only set up one connection to reach me.  When weighing the options, consider:

  • If you already have an IM account, use it.

  • If you don't have a preference, use Yahoo! Messenger.

  • If you do not want to establish an account or give real personal information, use IRC.  IRC is a first-generation -- and completely noncommercial -- chat system and does not actually require any kind of account.  IRC will happily accept completely bogus "Personal Information".  It therefore lacks authentication by default.  Authentication can be good or bad depending on what you're up to.  I've taken the option to register my nickname (thus assuring its authenticity) on DALnet and Undernet.

After setting up your connection(s), right-click in Trillian's Contact List window to add me to your Contact List.  Specify the Medium and the Name from the row that matches the medium you connected to earlier.


my Name

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) VB994P
ICQ ("I Seek You") 163916269
Yahoo! Messenger kevinandrewlipscomb
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) vb994p
MSN Messenger


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